2d animation

I wanted to refine how to animate logos for clients. So I knocked on some social media doors and reached out to my favorite business to see if I could animate their logos for them. This a small concept reel to showing how 2D can be applied simply and effectively for any client.

Mikaela Antonelli PHOTOGRAPHY

Mikaela decided to take her wedding photography business to the professional level but had no visual identity. We started small with a logo and well made business card. Other photographers use photos on their business cards to entice clients. I wanted make Mikaela stand out from the pack. The logo needed to be something that was representative of Mikaela but also showed instantly what she does. For the logo mark a clean, simple and elegant image of the iconic Rolleiflex camera, complemented with type Gotham achieved what Mikaela was looking for in her brand identity. Mikaela was a little apprehensive about starting her photography business. I wanted the colors show contrast that mind set, and instill confidence in her brand. The navy blue shows her stability and dependability, while the gold / yellow complements the elegance.

WOODen Spoon
Cafe & Bakery

The Wooden Spoon is a staple to the LoHi neighborhood. It's always thriving with regulars and new customers. The ever important coffee station is located underneath a stair cafe. The owner Jason wanted to fill it with something with something cool. With that information, I did a clean icon assembly of a the Wooden Spoons iconic breakfast sandwich. I used vinyl for easy install and uninstall if needed.

Since the Wooden Spoons is owned and operated by a husband and wife, the budget as next to nothing. I designed the icons with the ability to be laid out on a single sheet. Because of this lay out the design was able to fit on scrap vinyl and ended up costing Jason nothing.


Nightlove is a modern 80s synth pop band from Denver, that will take back you to that Saturday detention in high school vibes that most of never experienced. Working on a verity of projects from the art work for the single, teaser cuts and titles for music videos, and social assets for the single drops.