The Problem

The Communication Design department had no indication or any representation of itself in the hall way. Being a group of designers, our department wanted to fix this. The department, along with the dean’s office, approached two different classes with a solution. Four different groups per class submitted concepts for a wall design. As we started to design the wall space we wanted it to appeal on three areas the student, the Communication Design department, and MSU Denver.

The Outcomes

The wall was installed with red vinyl and white paint. And red paint and white vinyl for the door marking. The turn in the hall is inviting the word transform and broken by the floor and into the celling. The hall now feels more inviting, it’s expressive of our department and laid the ground work for future classes to murals around MSU Denver.

The small yet noticeable corner is an improvement from the standard university name plate. The reversed colors of red and white kept with in out budget. Communication Design leads the viewer into message of the wall.
The visual representation of our class room was small and standard and lacked a creative voice. As a group we did a complete 180 with our room number. By taking up the entire door way the room number went from small and subvert to large and bold.